March 5, 2019

Who We Are

Our Motto:

“Promoting faith, virtue and integration”

Our Mission:

“To be the premier organisation in Australia, with a uniquely balanced Islamic ideology that professionally trains future leaders and selflessly serves the community.”

Our Values:

  • Sincerity
  • Integrity
  • Justly balanced
  • Universality
  • Professional

Goals & Objectives:

  • To present the message of Islam to all Australians.
  • To promote the human values that Islam emphasises: brotherhood, equality, justice, mercy, compassion and peace.
  • To encourage the participation of Muslims in building a virtuous and moral society.
  • To foster unity among Muslims and encourage cooperation and integration amongst them and the wider Australian society.
  • To promote understanding and respect between all faiths and peoples.
  • To offer viable alternatives to our society’s prevailing problems.


  • Regular religious services (congregational prayer meetings, Friday sermons, etc).
  • Educational programs (lessons, study circles, weekend language schools, etc). The AIM Arabic School held on Saturdays enrols more than 200 students on two separate campuses each semester.
  • Social and recreational activities (camps, trips, etc).
  • Outreach and Interfaith programs (Open Days, etc).