March 4, 2019

About us

The Australian Islamic Mission (AIM) is a non-profit religious, charitable and educational organisation committed to promoting the Islamic faith and virtue in Australia.

AIM was established in 1973 by a group of Muslims in Sydney. The organisation first operated out of rented premises in Lakemba and then on Canterbury Road in Revesby. In 1994 AIM started using the Prayer Hall at 29 Matthews Street. Another Muslim association purchased this property in 1970 and used it as a place of worship (officially with government approval from 1987). The Punchbowl Musallah (Prayer Hall) and AIM Centre was thus established here in 1994.

In order to serve the growing needs of the Muslim community in Punchbowl and the surrounding areas, AIM’s expansion program saw the initial acquisition of the properties at 25 and 27 Matthews Street. In 2004 the property at number 33 was acquired and then number 31 in 2007. The five properties from 25-33 Matthews Street have been consolidated into one lot. An additional property at 15 Matthews St was purchased in 2011.

Apart from regular prayer services that are led by our Imam, the centre is used for a variety of activities that reflect our members’ educational skills and expertise: lectures; study circles in both Arabic and English; youth activities; community outreach and interfaith events. Seasonal activities include the Summer Quran Club for students; family and youth camps; and sports activities for adolescents and adults.

AIM Arabic School

As education is one of our major focusses, we have since 1994 been running two Arabic Language Schools on Saturdays, one in Punchbowl and the other in Liverpool in South-West Sydney. We have taught Arabic to thousands of students and consistently enrol more than 200 students each year.


In 2008, AIM launched a separate entity called “The Dawn Quranic Institute” to cater for the growing demand for learning the sciences associated with the Quran, especially Tajweed (recitation). Since its inception, it has consistently enrolled more than 1000 students per year and graduated more than fifty students with Ijaazah (certification with a chain linking to the Prophet, peace be upon him).

AIM currently has two independent chapters, one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne with members in other parts of Australia.

27-29 Arthur Street, Punchbowl NSW 2196
All normal services are being held here until the new Mosque at 25 Matthews Street is completed inshaAllah.

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Muslims in Australia (2016 Census):

  • Total: 604,200 (2.6%)
  • NSW: 267,659 (3.6%)
  • Canterbury-Bankstown: 71,894 (20.8%)
  • Punchbowl: 7,228 (35.6%)
  • Reference: ABS
  • Reference: Profile ID NSW | Canterbury-Bankstown | Punchbowl